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       Textile machinery is the production means and material basis of the textile industry. Its technical level, quality and maintenance costs are directly related to the development of textile enterprises. Textile machinery mainly includes spinning equipment, weaving equipment, finishing equipment, printing and dyeing equipment, chemical fiber spinning equipment, knitting equipment and non-woven fabric equipment. The processes required to process different fibers such as cotton, hemp, silk, and wool into textiles are not the same, and some are completely different, so the machines required are various and varied.

       Textile equipment operates in a poor environment, mostly in high temperature, high speed, humidity or high dust content. The support points of the rotating parts of the machine are susceptible to contamination, resulting in increased frictional resistance and increased mechanical wear. Lubricating the equipment can improve the operation rate of the equipment, reduce the failure rate, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the service life of the equipment. In particular, it is extremely important to ensure the normal operation of equipment such as sizing machines, warping machines, and setting machines for key processes. Careful consideration has been given to the selection of lubricants to ensure long life and reliable operation of the parts. Wehrle highly specialized lubrication products are suitable for lubrication points of different textile machinery under various working conditions, providing the most ideal long-term lubrication protection for textile equipment, widely used in clearing, carding, warp knitting, winding, Knitting machines, weaving machines, setting machines and other equipment.