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       Wehrle Lub – We don''t produce oil, we are just porters of massive industrial

       We originated in Germany, harmony and development-together we made Wehrle Lub. Rigorous attitude and destiny make us one of the leaders of the era in the field of industrial lubricants. Wehrle Lub is one of the well-known brands in the industry. The brand originated in Germany and has distributors all over the world. 

       Today, Wehrle Lub has become one of the trusted brands of specialty industrial lubricants products, which can be used in various heat treatment, processing and molding fields. As a large-scale industrial porter, we understand the customer''s lubrication media management needs, and customers trust Wehrle Lub because it has a high spirit of industry trends and expertise. Expert in reliable industrial chemistry and oil. 
       Our products include: cooling lubricants, cutting oils, grinding oils, cold forming oils, wire drawing process lubricants, rust protection agents, metal cleaning agents, industrial lubricants, heat treatment products and other accessories.
       WEHRLE LUB uses a unique and innovative formula to provide a wealth of lubrication products for many industrial fields, such as machinery and equipment lubrication, metal forming processing, heat treatment industry, industrial anti-rust cleaning, coating application and various high-tech industries with lifetime lubrication requirements. and lubrication solutions. We are also managers of industrial chemistry and oil applications.
       At the same time, WEHRLE LUB leverages its worldwide network of agents. We guarantee that your company can source WEHRLE LUB products anywhere in the world.