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       It is well known that in the cement production, open pit mining and mineral processing industries, mechanical equipment is often exposed to extremely poor environments. In addition to the effects of dust, moisture and large temperature changes, extremely high cutting and impact cutting can not be ignored. Under normal circumstances, most enterprises do not have spare main equipment, and once the production equipment is damaged due to insufficient lubrication, the production will cause great losses to the enterprise. Therefore, the correct choice of lubricants is particularly important.
        Wehrle Germany relies on its rich and mature industry experience and decades of close cooperation with many of the world is top equipment manufacturers, so that the development and production of Wehrle special lubricants has always kept pace with industrial technology.

Reduce energy consumption and extend service life
       The newly developed lubrication products use a new generation of high-performance additives, which significantly improve the wear resistance of the products, effectively reducing equipment downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and greatly reducing lubricant consumption.
        The use of Wehrle lubricants can effectively increase equipment usage, extend equipment life, and significantly reduce energy consumption and overall economic benefits.