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Metalworking Fluids

       Wehrle high-quality cutting fluids for aluminum and sensitive metalworking provide excellent surface quality in reaming and deep drilling processes, and do not produce large amounts of foam even at very high surface pressures. For example: Wehrlecool S400.

Metal neat oil
        Pure oil metalworking fluid is specially designed for high-speed and high-strength metal cutting, and the environmentally friendly green cutting oil carefully designed and developed, the perfect combination of high-quality base oil and selected additives has made Wehrle high-quality products. Wehrle pure oil metalworking oils do not contain organic chlorine.
        When developing new products, Wehrle first considered: highest performance, environmental requirements, safety and health considerations. The components of the pure oil metalworking fluid are: Selected additives and synthetic base oils, PCA-free, odorless and oil-free.
        Long-term market experience and extensive R&D investment enable Wehrle to translate specific requirements and updates from the market into practical products and effective solutions.