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        With the continuous improvement of the utilization rate of mechanical equipment in the modern steel and metallurgical industry and the continuous advancement of technology, the requirements for lubricating media are also constantly increasing. Cost savings, reduced wear and environmental protection are all inextricably linked to lubrication.
        Lubrication of steel metallurgical equipment is affected by many unfavorable factors, such as high temperatures, corrosive coolants, hard particles and impact loads. In addition, equipment downtime caused by poor lubrication can also bring huge economic losses to the enterprise.
        Wehrle is unique core product, high-quality lubricants, relies on a high-strength barrier film formed on the metal surface to reduce friction, resist high temperatures, corrosion and intrusion of process media, ensuring that the device is stable even under harsh operating conditions. run. It has been proven that Wehrle lubricants can effectively extend the service life of equipment and are widely used in process equipment such as steel making, continuous casting, hot rolling and cold rolling.